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You can create new topics in this section from each hatch's page in the Aquatic Insect Encyclopedia.
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tiny flies in my tank filter are reproducing like mad
Jun 28, 2007 by Wendy in family Simuliidae
16Dec 24, 2007
by Wendy
midges vs. gnats
Dec 21, 2007 by CaseyP in family Chironomidae
3Dec 22, 2007
by Martinlf
Emerging Dragonflies
Jun 11, 2007 by AlexC in order Odonata-Anisoptera
5Dec 9, 2007
by WildcatRob
Link to pictures of H. culacantha
Oct 20, 2006 by Troutnut in species Heptagenia culacantha
2Oct 4, 2007
by Troutnut
Penns Creek Slate Draker's
Jul 17, 2007 by Jsell925 in genus Isonychia
4Sep 23, 2007
by Shawnny3
fishin with salamanders
Sep 3, 2007 by Warren in order Caudata
6Sep 16, 2007
by Warren
tricos 4pm
Sep 1, 2007 by IEatimago in genus Tricorythodes
8Sep 3, 2007
by Gene
Ephoron Leukon nymph photographs
Feb 8, 2007 by BFornadley in species Ephoron leukon
11Aug 14, 2007
by Gene
Northern Delaware River - Hellgramite Goldmine
May 29, 2007 by Yemoss in genus Corydalus
2Jul 22, 2007
Behavioral Drift - With or Without Case?
Jun 18, 2007 by DaveC in order Trichoptera
3Jul 3, 2007
by JeffK
Stupid damselfly!
May 29, 2007 by Troutnut in order Odonata-Zygoptera
4Jul 1, 2007
by Litobrancha
Caddisflies darkening after emergence
May 18, 2007 by Troutnut in order Trichoptera
5Jun 18, 2007
Green Drake Hatch Frustrations
Jun 6, 2007 by Billy in species Ephemera guttulata
7Jun 12, 2007
Anybody know more about Maccaffertium terminatum?
Jun 8, 2007 by Troutnut in species Maccaffertium terminatum
3Jun 11, 2007
by Konchu
What's happening here?
Jun 5, 2007 by Troutnut in genus Brachycentrus
5Jun 6, 2007
by Troutnut
Hellgrammite hell
Jun 5, 2007 by Sprattoo in genus Corydalus
1Jun 5, 2007
by Wiflyfisher
midges two by two?
May 24, 2007 by CaseyP in family Chironomidae
5May 26, 2007
by Martinlf
When does a Hatch happen?
May 10, 2007 by TheMidge in species Ephemerella subvaria
8May 26, 2007
by Greenghost
egg sack color
May 18, 2007 by LittleJ in family Heptageniidae
3May 20, 2007
by LittleJ
Sulphur Spinner Eggs?
May 17, 2007 by CaseyP in order Ephemeroptera
8May 20, 2007
by Martinlf
Similiar found in Minnesota
May 11, 2007 by PRohlfsen in species Baetisca obesa
1May 11, 2007
by Troutnut
Distance between the eyes of male Epeorus
May 3, 2007 by Troutnut in genus Epeorus
Midwest Lata Emergence [Page: 1, 2]
Mar 4, 2007 by DarkDun in species Drunella lata
20May 2, 2007
by Taxon
underwater photos
Dec 26, 2006 by Martinlf in species Ephemerella subvaria
4Apr 21, 2007
by PeterO
i posted this in the forum, but...
Apr 18, 2007 by Rckrego in order Ephemeroptera
1Apr 18, 2007
by Troutnut
Does anyone know anything about Heptagenia culacantha?
Oct 19, 2006 by GONZO in species Heptagenia culacantha
8Apr 18, 2007
by Konchu
Adult damsel
Feb 22, 2007 by DMM in order Odonata-Zygoptera
Agapetus are EVERYWHERE!!!!
Apr 12, 2007 by Litobrancha in family Glossosomatidae
1Apr 12, 2007
An odd observation of Hexagenia
Mar 20, 2007 by Troutnut in genus Hexagenia
2Mar 20, 2007
by Taxon
diff between march brown &gray fox
Mar 12, 2007 by Jrcald in species Maccaffertium vicarium
7Mar 13, 2007
by Troutnut
North Carolina Hellgrammites
Mar 9, 2007 by Gandoff in family Corydalidae
1Mar 10, 2007
by Troutnut
Southeast Mayflies [Page: 1, 2]
Nov 20, 2006 by DarkDun in species Leptophlebia cupida
24Mar 4, 2007
by Taxon
DO You Remember???
Jan 4, 2007 by JANNEY in family Cicadidae
6Feb 7, 2007
by Konchu
Warm Winter Bugs
Jan 2, 2007 by CaseyP in family Corydalidae
15Jan 19, 2007
by Martinlf
Neat dragonfly observation by Martinlf
Dec 7, 2006 by Troutnut in order Odonata-Anisoptera
Nov 25, 2006 by LittleJ in genus Stenacron
8Dec 1, 2006
by Troutnut
Nov 29, 2006 by DMM in class Crustacea-Malacostraca
2Dec 1, 2006
by DMM
Differentiation b/t Gomphidae and Cordulegastridae
Nov 26, 2006 by DMM in order Odonata-Anisoptera
1Nov 29, 2006
by Troutnut
Nov 26, 2006 by DMM in family Hydrophilidae
1Nov 29, 2006
by Troutnut
Help! We need more information!
Nov 3, 2006 by Classof06 in kingdom Animalia
8Nov 4, 2006
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