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Real NameDave Ruiter
LocationGrants Pass, OR

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Latest Posts By Creno

TitleRepliesLast Reply
Re: Fun with new entomology toys, and catching up on bug IDs
In General Discussion by Troutnut
9Dec 5, 2020
by Creno
Re: What do I have, what do I need?
In Fly Tying by Red_green_h
4Dec 2, 2020
by Wbranch
Re: I got the scope Jason recommended and here are some pics through it!
In the Photography Board by Jmd123
5Dec 1, 2020
by Creno
Re: mean one thing, write another?
In Male Onocosmoecus unicolor Caddisfly Adult by Creno
2Sep 20, 2020
by Creno
Re: Glossosoma intermedium or nigrior
In the Saddle-case Maker Genus Glossosoma by Wiflyfisher
5Jul 31, 2020
by Creno
Re: Trout Unlimited, who are they?
In General Discussion by Red_green_h
13Feb 19, 2020
by Rollcast
Re: Nymph ID please help
(6 more)

In the Identify This! Board by Cherylkorca
5Feb 19, 2020
by Leskorcala
Re: Stonefly?
In the Identify This! Board by Pdcox
10Oct 30, 2019
by Taxon
Re: Caddis on a zig zag
In General Discussion by TDMunro
5Aug 15, 2019
by Partsman
Re: Rhyacophila betteni group
In Rhyacophila Caddisfly Larva by Creno
2Aug 10, 2019
by Creno
In Psocodea Insect Adult by Creno
Rhyacophila hyalinata group
In Rhyacophila vocala Caddisfly Larva by Creno
This appears to be Dixa sp.
In Dixa True Fly Larva by Creno
1Aug 7, 2019
by Jmd123
Don't think it is Gumaga........
In Lepidostoma Little Brown Sedge Larva by Creno
1Aug 5, 2019
by Troutnut
Re: Hydropsyche species
In Male Hydropsyche Caddisfly Adult by Creno
2Jun 14, 2019
by Creno
Limnephilus externus
In Male Limnephilus externus Caddisfly Adult by Creno
In Male Lepidostoma Little Brown Sedge Adult by Creno
Amiocentraus aspilus male
In Amiocentrus aspilus Caddisfly Adult by Creno
Re: Pictures and specimens from my 2018 Montana trip
In Site Updates by Troutnut
7Jun 14, 2019
by Wbranch
Re: Stonefly?
In the Identify This! Board by Agresens
2Feb 21, 2019
by Creno
Re: Byers creek trout fishing
In Byers Creek by Willsamuel
4Feb 18, 2019
by Creno
Re: Magpie herl
In Fly Tying by Iasgair
11Jan 3, 2019
by Iasgair
Re: I GOT THE JOB!! I am Hampton, VA-bound
In General Discussion by Jmd123
10Sep 26, 2018
by Jmd123
Re: Pretty weather at a high lake
In Site Updates by Troutnut
5Jul 3, 2018
by Troutnut
Re: Little Black Caddis
In the Identify This! Board by Adirman
5Apr 23, 2018
by Adirman
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