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Latest Posts By Adirman

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Tying an Albright Knot
In Fly Tying by Adirman
Ray Bergman’s Gravesite
In General Discussion by Adirman
Ray Bergman quote
In the Photography Board by Adirman
1Aug 7, 2020
by Partsman
Re: Armstrong & Nelson's Spring Creek
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In Fishing Reports by Wbranch
4Aug 7, 2020
by Adirman
Re: Do trout eat Striders?
In General Discussion by Red_green_h
4Sep 8, 2019
by Wbranch
Re: 1wt gear
In Gear Talk by Red_green_h
10Sep 8, 2019
by Red_green_h
Re: Pennsylvania Pickerel
In General Discussion by Baron
9Jun 30, 2019
by Baron
Re: Floating nymphs?
In General Discussion by MarcaoV8
2Jun 27, 2019
by Adirman
Re: Streamer Leader formulas
In Gear Talk by Adirman
10Jun 9, 2019
by Adirman
Re: Short Stuff
In Gear Talk by Baron
5Jun 9, 2019
by Baron
Re: Caddis emergence
In General Discussion by Partsman
4May 26, 2019
by Wiflyfisher
Re: To Many Flys
In General Discussion by Flytyerinpa
11Apr 13, 2019
by Jmd123
Re: Grannoms!
In Fishing Reports by Martinlf
4Apr 13, 2019
by Martinlf
Re: Does indicator affect leader size?
In Fly Tying by Gt2003
5Apr 13, 2019
by Adirman
Re: Euro Nymph Rod
In Gear Talk by Wbranch
51Mar 17, 2019
by Wiflyfisher
Re: Sinking line reccomendation for Stillwater fishing
In Gear Talk by EasyPeasy
12Mar 12, 2019
by Jmd123
Re: Rod/line weight for bass?
In Gear Talk by Gt2003
8Mar 5, 2019
by Wbranch
Dennis Skarka RIP
In General Discussion by Adirman
3Mar 3, 2019
by Iasgair
Re: Steelhead October 2018
In Fishing Reports by Wbranch
15Nov 5, 2018
by Jmd123
Re: I GOT THE JOB!! I am Hampton, VA-bound
In General Discussion by Jmd123
10Sep 27, 2018
by Jmd123
Re: Sink-tip , sinking line or floating line w shot for Salmon?
In General Discussion by Adirman
15Sep 18, 2018
by Wbranch
Re: Never say never
In General Discussion by Wbranch
7Sep 2, 2018
by Martinlf
Fishing emergers
In General Discussion by Adirman
1Aug 28, 2018
by Martinlf
Re: Hello from Arkansas
In General Discussion by ARMIke
4Aug 22, 2018
by Adirman
Re: Streamer Fishing
In General Discussion by Flyguide1
5Aug 10, 2018
by Jmd123
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