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Latest Posts By Wiflyfisher

TitleRepliesLast Reply
Re: Midwest hatches guide.
In Fly Tying by Michimike
1Mar 1, 2023
by Wiflyfisher
Re: Measuring the Health of a Trout Stream using the Hilsenhoff Biotic Index
In General Discussion by Wiflyfisher
2Feb 16, 2023
by Wiflyfisher
Re: Green midge larvae?
In General Discussion by Simon77777
3Jan 25, 2023
by Wiflyfisher
Re: Newb - first setup?
In General Discussion by Greg728
5Dec 26, 2022
by MikeT1990
Re: acentrella nymph
In the Mayfly Genus Acentrella by Goose
22Sep 15, 2022
by Wiflyfisher
Re: Correct hatch time of year Hydropsyche slossonae?
In the Caddisfly Species Hydropsyche slossonae by AndyV
10Sep 9, 2022
by AndyV
Re: New Troutnut version in the works
In Site Updates by Troutnut
7May 16, 2022
by Wiflyfisher
Re: It’s still winter in the great upnorth
In Fishing Reports by Partsman
4Mar 18, 2022
by Jmd123
Re: pternonarcys
In Pteronarcys dorsata Stonefly Nymph by Flyfisher11
1Feb 26, 2022
by Wiflyfisher
Re: Rod and reel suggestion?
In Gear Talk by 87North
9Nov 27, 2021
by Wiflyfisher
Re: Modern Darbee Genetics
In Fly Tying by Pabrookbum
2Nov 16, 2021
by Wbranch
Re: Fly Fishing in Spain
In Fishing Reports by MIKETROUT64
2Oct 9, 2021
by Martinlf
Nymphs recently molted
In General Discussion by Wiflyfisher
1Oct 9, 2021
by Partsman
Pteronarcys dorsata
In Pteronarcys dorsata Stonefly Nymph by Wiflyfisher
2Oct 2, 2021
by Troutnut
Re: Trico Spinner, as requested
(8 more)

In the Identify This! Board by Gutcutter
37Sep 12, 2021
by Wiflyfisher
Re: Trico nymphs and emergers
In the Mayfly Genus Tricorythodes by Steamntrout
5Sep 11, 2021
by Partsman
Re: Montana: Nelson's Spring Creek
In Fishing Reports by Martinlf
7Jul 30, 2021
by Martinlf
Re: Mayfly ID
In the Identify This! Board by JSY
13Jul 2, 2021
by Jmd123
Green Sedge
In the Identify This! Board by Wiflyfisher
Re: Stonefly ID Please.
In the Identify This! Board by OldHasBeen
4Apr 27, 2021
by Troutnut
Re: Western North Carolina Mayfly Identification
In the Identify This! Board by Dragonfly
2Mar 29, 2021
by Troutnut
Re: Help with Early Spring Stoneflies
In the Identify This! Board by Wiflyfisher
13Mar 26, 2021
by Taxon
Re: Olives
In General Discussion by Martinlf
1Mar 14, 2021
by Wiflyfisher
Re: Fun with new entomology toys, and catching up on bug IDs
In General Discussion by Troutnut
9Nov 17, 2020
by Creno
Re: traditional streamers- still in use?
In General Discussion by Roguerat
13Oct 6, 2020
by Wbranch