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Latest Posts By Goose

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Re: Rusty Spinner Color
In Fly Tying by Lastchance
44Jan 17, 2012
by Entoman
Re: Indicators
In General Discussion by Jesse
30Jan 17, 2012
by Doublespey
Re: Sparkle Dun vs Compara-dun
In Fly Tying by Wbranch
21Jan 17, 2012
by Oldredbarn
LaFontaine Sparkle Pupa/Emerger Related Topic
In General Discussion by Goose
1Jan 10, 2012
by Doublespey
Re: One of my favorite Montana views and the Madison River
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In the Photography Board by Wiflyfisher
16Dec 20, 2011
by Wiflyfisher
Re: Pale, or white nymphs.
In General Discussion by Sayfu
51Dec 5, 2011
by Martinlf
Re: Reel Question
In Gear Talk by GldstrmSam
36Dec 1, 2011
by Oldredbarn
Re: Another request - how many women are on this site?
In General Discussion by Jmd123
40Dec 1, 2011
by Keystoner
Re: Scenery
In the Photography Board by Jesse
13Dec 1, 2011
by Jesse
Re: YES! another rod question
In Gear Talk by Derelict
46Nov 17, 2011
by Wbranch
Re: Wild Trout in the Backcountry
In Fishing Reports by BigTrout
8Oct 27, 2011
by Jesse
Re: Exploring the Hudson Highlands
In General Discussion by PaulRoberts
15Oct 13, 2011
by Jmd123
Re: Several Surprises And Superman Guest Stars {spam}
In Fly Tying by Lemotry
4Oct 11, 2011
by Oldredbarn
Re: Am I missing something??
In General Discussion by Keystoner
52Oct 11, 2011
by Troutnut
Steelhead Report/Leader formula
In General Discussion by Goose
4Oct 6, 2011
by Sayfu
Re: Steelhead Leader Formulas
In Fly Tying by Goose
11Oct 4, 2011
by Wbranch
Re: Tiemco vs. Mustad
In Fly Tying by WestCO
24Sep 29, 2011
by Sayfu
Re: Trout I.D.
In the Photography Board by Shawnny3
21Sep 13, 2011
by Jmd123
Re: Unidentified trout
In the Identify This! Board by Mtspinner
40Sep 9, 2011
by Jmd123
Re: Today's Quill Gordon
In Male Epeorus pleuralis Mayfly Dun by Beachvid
34Aug 29, 2011
by Feathers5
Re: Fly patterns for midges Featured Topic
In General Discussion by Adirman
16Aug 19, 2011
by Sayfu
Dr. Tony's New Book
In General Discussion by Goose
Re: Stillwater Mayfly Nymph Collection Techniques
In the Insect Order Ephemeroptera by Taxon
9Aug 11, 2011
by Goose
Re: furled leaders/highstick nymphing
In General Discussion by Goose
55Aug 11, 2011
by Entoman
Re: Some wildflower photos for Spence
(11 more)

In the Photography Board by Jmd123
33Aug 10, 2011
by Jmd123