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> > I GOT THE JOB!! I am Hampton, VA-bound

Jmd123September 26th, 2018, 11:41 am
Oscoda, MI

Posts: 2379
Just got the call a few hours ago that they want to offer me the position, and MORE money than I asked for! It looks like too good an opportunity to pass up, to be right on the Ocean at the mouth of a great estuary...SALTWATER FLY FISHING!!! My new challenge in life! I've already got a 9-foot 8-weight, and found a box of 50 Mustad stainless steel 3/0 hooks, and I've got Schlappen in almost every color of the rainbow. Oh, the possibilities...they want me to start by October 22nd, so I have a little bit of time to get my act together for moving. Won't be fun to move, but what's on the other end will be worth it.

New place, new people, new adventures...NEW FISH! Soon I'll be telling you all stories about kayaking up into tidal creeks looking for stripers and redfish and who knows what else! And for trout, well, VA has some nice mountains with native brookies as well as browns and rainbows. Although, I'm sure I'll be finding some (spotted) seatrout in the mix!

Thanks for all the well wishes guys, they must have helped. Tight lines to you all!

No matter how big the one you just caught is, there's always a bigger one out there somewhere...
WbranchSeptember 26th, 2018, 12:37 pm
York & Starlight PA

Posts: 2502
Good for you Jon! Congratulations on the new position. When you get settled in your new home or apartment send me your address and I will mail you some Clouser minnows tied on stainless steel hooks and some shrimp style flies.
Catskill fly fisher for fifty-five years.
MartinlfSeptember 26th, 2018, 5:29 pm
Palmyra PA

Posts: 2908
Great Jonathon. Some very good smallmouth fishing in the James River and other streams too. You'll love it.
"He spread them a yard and a half. 'And every one that got away is this big.'"

--Fred Chappell
PartsmanSeptember 26th, 2018, 6:08 pm
bancroft michigan

Posts: 237
Congrats Jonathon, Im so happy for you! Good things happen to good people and I hope this is winner for you. I will personally miss your reports from northern Michigan and your great photos of up north. However we will all be looking forward to photos of Va. Good luck and keep us updated!

Jmd123September 26th, 2018, 6:14 pm
Oscoda, MI

Posts: 2379
Matt and Louis, many thanks! Yes Matt, that would be great, and I'll be buying more stainless or nickeled hooks myself soon. I was thinking Clousers, perhaps some saltwater KBFs, Lefty's Deceivers, eel/worm patterns, and crustacean imitations. And yes, Louis, I have heard there is some dandy smallmouth fishing in VA. I plan on covering the state from one end to the other, fly fishing and otherwise. New plants and critters to learn, as well as the rhythms of the Atlantic Ocean and the tidewater scene. And mountains on the opposite end of the state! There's two things we don't have here in Michigan, major elevations or salt water. And some fish I already know, like the redbreast sunfish I met many years ago in TX where they were introduced. Need to meet some fallfish and chain pickerel! Spotted bass, white perch, white catfish, and then geez, all the saltwater stuff. Expect plenty of photos once I get settled in there!

Way back in '92 I moved to Oregon, driving there once by myself with a minimal survival load and then with the ex with the moving truck. The first trip was August, and the second was September. SPECTACULAR drive, all the way from KC, MO to the Oregon coast at Coos Bay, where I lived and worked for a year. That is the last time I lived on a coast...and the last time I've even seen the Ocean was 2006 (Oceanside, CA). Time to get out the 8-weight and get a new beefier vise for bigger hooks!

"One fish, two fish, redfish, bluefish..."


P.S. Yes, Mike, you can expect some pics - new fish, new plants, new critters, everything. It's gonna feel like the first time I landed here, or in OR, or TX - LOTS of exploring to do.
No matter how big the one you just caught is, there's always a bigger one out there somewhere...
TroutnutSeptember 26th, 2018, 7:02 pm
Bellevue, WA

Posts: 2542
Jason Neuswanger, Ph.D.
Troutnut and salmonid ecologist
CrenoSeptember 26th, 2018, 9:12 pm
Grants Pass, OR

Posts: 295
Congrats and Have fun! But get a place on a hill.......... the water is rising
Jmd123September 27th, 2018, 9:59 am
Oscoda, MI

Posts: 2379
My sister and brother-in-law lived in Newport News once upon a time, and they told me, "We'll tell you where to live, and where NOT to live, to avoid being washed away by the next hurricane." So yeah, I am fully aware!

No matter how big the one you just caught is, there's always a bigger one out there somewhere...
AdirmanSeptember 27th, 2018, 5:35 pm
Monticello, NY

Posts: 490
Hey,congrats Johnathon, good for you! Very happy for you 😊
CaseyPSeptember 28th, 2018, 11:24 am
Arlington, VA/ Mercersburg, PA

Posts: 653
welcome to the Old Dominion, Johnathon! let me know when you're ready for some fresh-water stuff and i'll share some ideas. also know a great tidal estuary kayak expert near Hampton.
"You can observe a lot by watching." Yogi Berra
Jmd123September 28th, 2018, 5:35 pm
Oscoda, MI

Posts: 2379
Thanks, Casey! Yes, some local freshwater advice is most welcome. I am very happy to be moving to a state that has both trout AND saltwater fishing, and I imagine some killer bass and panfishing as well. Of course, I will have a guest room if you come to visit and want an overnight stay.

Thanks again!

No matter how big the one you just caught is, there's always a bigger one out there somewhere...

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