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Forum SignatureI have seen nothing more beautiful than the sunrise on a cold stream.

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5Nov 13, 2009
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3Jun 19, 2009
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4May 30, 2009
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strange green worm
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2May 23, 2009
by Wbranch
Re: fly selection for beginners and pros alike
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3Apr 29, 2009
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moffit fly system
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6Mar 7, 2009
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22Feb 28, 2009
by OMG
Re: 2nd annual fly swap
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86Feb 27, 2009
by Trtklr
the perfect fly rod
In Gear Talk by Trtklr
3Feb 4, 2009
by Sayfu
Re: whats your tying area look like?
In Fly Tying by Trtklr
42Feb 2, 2009
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Re: Backing
In Gear Talk by Trtklr
8Feb 2, 2009
by Trtklr
Re: Tools we use
In Fly Tying by JAD
15Jan 31, 2009
by Wbranch
Re: smell/taste
In General Discussion by Leakywaders
11Jan 16, 2009
by Taxon
Re: When you first approach a stream...
In General Discussion by GoofusBug
11Jan 15, 2009
by Trtklr
Re: Dryer lint
In Fly Tying by GoofusBug
17Jan 12, 2009
by JAD
Re: My trying Room well one of them
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22Dec 20, 2008
by Wbranch
Re: winter fishing - ice in the guides
In Gear Talk by Trowpa
14Dec 7, 2008
by Phishheaduj
Re: any new tying material?
In Fly Tying by LittleJ
9Dec 4, 2008
by Trtklr
curious about gear
In Gear Talk by Trtklr
11Nov 25, 2008
by Martinlf

Trtklr's Favorite Pictures

This is one of my favorite pictures of the Namekagon. From the Namekagon River in Wisconsin.
This is one of my favorite pictures of the Namekagon.
Date TakenMay 30, 2005
Date AddedFeb 8, 2006
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