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LocationHollidaysburg Pa

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Latest Posts By LittleJ

TitleRepliesLast Reply
Re: What is the best line for nymph fishing
In Gear Talk by Benjlan
11Jan 8, 2011
by Cwilliams
Re: caddis pupa
In General Discussion by LittleJ
3May 16, 2010
by Creno
Re: Grannom Caddis Colors
In Fly Tying by Lastchance
4Mar 21, 2010
by Lastchance
Re: PA Contingent
In General Discussion by Wbranch
56Feb 16, 2010
by CaseyP
Re: caddis larva beh;a;vior question (really!)
In Brachycentrus Caddisfly Pupa by CaseyP
10Dec 20, 2009
by LittleJ
Re: Sage VT2
In Gear Talk by CharlieSawd
1Nov 25, 2009
by LittleJ
Re: Isos in Riffles
In General Discussion by Martinlf
7Oct 18, 2009
by Martinlf
Re: "what too look for first"
In General Discussion by Blackghost
6May 23, 2009
by Deligon
Re: Hydropsychid?
In Hydropsyche Caddisfly Pupa by GONZO
14May 7, 2009
by LittleJ
Re: termites
In General Discussion by Konchu
3May 2, 2009
by Konchu
Re: Nymphing
In General Discussion by Martinlf
2May 1, 2009
by Flatstick96
Re: filing vs. smashing
In Fly Tying by Mcjames
4May 1, 2009
by Wbranch
Re: comparison
In General Discussion by Blackghost
4Apr 30, 2009
by Wbranch
Re: Grannoms
In Brachycentrus Caddisfly Pupa by Martinlf
7Apr 28, 2009
by Martinlf
Re: Why we make fly fishing complicated Featured Topic
In General Discussion by Troutnut
21Apr 28, 2009
by CaseyP
Re: Nymphing Technique
In General Discussion by Martinlf
14Apr 14, 2009
by JAD
Re: What kind of caddis
In General Discussion by Wbranch
11Apr 8, 2009
by Martinlf
Re: Maxia Fly rods
In General Discussion by LittleJ
2Apr 7, 2009
by LittleJ
Re: Mayfly larvae -wigglers preservation as bait
In the Mayfly Species Hexagenia limbata by Teacherprea
20Apr 7, 2009
Re: Paralep Hatching Behavior
In the Mayfly Genus Paraleptophlebia by Shawnny3
9Apr 6, 2009
by Taxon
Re: Blue Quill Emerger
In Fly Tying by Martinlf
6Apr 3, 2009
by Martinlf
Re: Publications you read
In General Discussion by GoofusBug
29Apr 2, 2009
Re: Fly Rod
In Gear Talk by Strme007
11Mar 27, 2009
by Troutnut
Re: Cabin Fever, Aquatic Insect Video
In General Discussion by DOS
13Mar 23, 2009
Re: Nymph and Dry Fly Rigs
In General Discussion by Hellgramite
4Mar 22, 2009
by Cdcaddis18
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