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LastchanceJune 11th, 2010, 7:05 am
Portage, PA

Posts: 437
I live between Johnstown and Altoona. I would like to harvest a few rock bass to cook for my mom. At 78 years of age I think she deserves some fillets. Can anyone suggest a place to pursue them? I'm not asking for your secret place just an area.
RleePJune 11th, 2010, 9:50 am
NW PA - Pennsylvania's Glacial Pothole Wonderland

Posts: 398
Any good size stream in PA that has smallmouth will usually have a rock bass population as well. I'm from the area about halfway between Erie and Meadville and don't know your area very well. But if you're willing to drive a little ways, the Juniata anywhere below the junction if the branches is loaded with Rockies. I've also caught a lot of them in the lower Frankstown Br. while fishing for smallmouth.

Stream Rock Bass will often have a number of little icicle-like parasites on their flanks. I once had a biologist tell me these were a very early life stage of a species of fresh water clam and were harmless, even if they look a little funky. If you find them objectionable,just skin the fillet and they'll come away with the skin. I know I've eaten a pile of rock bass in this condition over the years and other than these uncontrollable tic in my left eye (just kidding..) I'm none the worse for it.

In streams where they cohabitate with smallmouth, you'll always find the rock bass in the holding lies where the water is not moving fast enough for the bass. Along very slow banks, in backwaters with downed timber, etc. Those sorts of places. They're also a very gregarious fish. If you catch one out of a spot, chances are good there are at least a dozen more right there.

They fight like a wet gym sock, but they're great eating.
LastchanceJune 11th, 2010, 10:02 am
Portage, PA

Posts: 437
I live between Johnstown and altoona not far from the river. I used to fish the Mount Union area, but I heard some guys say there weren't many rock bass left. I guess it has soemothing do with that ongoing problem with disease.
VinlflyfishJune 14th, 2010, 2:14 pm
northern cambria

Posts: 42
chest creek is a good spot for rock bass and small mouth
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