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LocationNW PA - Pennsylvania's Glacial Pothole Wonderland

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Latest Posts By RleeP

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Re: any tips on the UP of Michigan?
In General Discussion by Roguerat
8Jul 26, 2020
by Partsman
Re: Fly Boxes Organization
In General Discussion by WGGIII
5Jun 21, 2020
by Partsman
Re: A death in the family...RIP Leo the Lionheart
In the Photography Board by Jmd123
10May 15, 2020
by Troutnut
Re: Pennsylvania's Big Fishing Creek Threatened
In General Discussion by Martinlf
2May 12, 2020
by RleeP
Re: Rod and reel suggestion?
In Gear Talk by 87North
6May 10, 2020
by Red_green_h
Re: Selecting a reel
In Beginner Help by AllanM83
35May 10, 2020
by Martinlf
Re: Aqua seal is really good, and so is gorilla glue.
In General Discussion by Partsman
3May 9, 2020
by Martinlf
Re: Shelter in Place
In General Discussion by Wbranch
5Apr 3, 2020
by Wbranch
Re: Hyrnia operation
In General Discussion by Hunter1
4Mar 31, 2020
by Hunter1
Re: Trout Unlimited, who are they?
In General Discussion by Red_green_h
13Feb 18, 2020
by Rollcast
Re: Wading Boot Help Please
In Gear Talk by Shackelford
10Feb 16, 2020
by Wbranch
Re: Iowa Driftless
In General Discussion by KevinB
6Dec 18, 2019
by Red_green_h
Re: Quick customer service compliment to Korkers
In Site Updates by Troutnut
4Nov 2, 2019
by Partsman
Re: Changing fly line
In Gear Talk by Red_green_h
7Oct 24, 2019
by RleeP
Re: Cold weather fly fishing
In Beginner Help by Red_green_h
22Oct 9, 2019
by Red_green_h
Re: Site updates from September 8, 2019
In Site Updates by Troutnut
1Sep 15, 2019
by RleeP
Re: Best Fly Tying Kit?
In Fly Tying by Smindel56
3Sep 9, 2019
by Smindel56
Re: 1wt gear
In Gear Talk by Red_green_h
10Sep 6, 2019
by Red_green_h
Re: Pinched-down barbs vs designed and manufactured barbless hooks?
In Site Updates by Troutnut
4Jul 19, 2019
by Iasgair
Re: Need a little help with waders unrelated to fishing
In General Discussion by NoQuarter
2Jul 16, 2019
by Iasgair
Re: fly fishing reel issue with courtland crown fly reel
In General Discussion by Wheel
1Jun 26, 2019
by RleeP
Re: Streamer Leader formulas
In Gear Talk by Adirman
10Jun 5, 2019
by Adirman
Re: Felt vs Studded Felt Soles
In Gear Talk by Mofmate3
5Jun 1, 2019
by Wbranch
Re: I have no explanation
In Gear Talk by Iasgair
3May 16, 2019
by Iasgair
Re: Fly fishing for the first time.
In General Discussion by Mlatimer
5May 2, 2019
by Jmd123
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