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True Bug Family Cicadidae (Cicadas)

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» Family Cicadidae (Cicadas)
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Though they aren't aquatic, cicadas can end up on the surface of trout streams in great numbers in the rare years when they swarm our forests by the tens of millions. It stands to reason that trout would gorge themselves on cicadas at such times, and I have heard reports of it but never been lucky enough to witness the "cicada hatch" myself.

Pictures of 1 Cicada Specimen:

Cicadidae (Cicadas) Cicada AdultCicadidae (Cicadas) True Bug Adult View 4 PicturesI found this cicada and several like it in the grass near my car as I put my waders on. Some of them were singing in the trees above the river, too, but I did not see any fall into the water.
Collected July 1, 2005 from the Bois Brule River in Wisconsin
Added to by Troutnut on April 22, 2006

Recent Discussions of Cicadidae

DO You Remember??? 6 Replies »
Posted by JANNEY on Jan 4, 2007
Last reply on Feb 7, 2007 by Konchu
My brother and I have a disagreement about bugs from our childhood.

I remember a swarm of cicadas (17-year locusts), and I'm trying to place the year. It would be 1954 to 1959, I believe. I remember the cicadas' distinctive call ringing through the summer (spring?) night. They covered anything that shed lightólampposts, storefront windows, porch lights. They were about in huge numbers. When you walked down the street, you couldn't avoid stepping on them, and they crunched. (Big bugs.)

My brother says he only recalls a mayfly swarmópost 1959óthat was so bad it caused auto accidents on the freeway because cars ran over the mayfly bodies and collectively they were greasy and caused cars to skid.

So does anyone out there remember either of these events. I think both probably occurred. We'd like to pin down the years.


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