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Mayfly Species Leptophlebia cupida (Borcher Drake)

Most anglers encounter these large mayflies every Spring in the East and Midwest. They are omnipresent in small portions, providing filler action in the days or hours between the prolific hatches of the early season Ephemerella flies.

See the main Leptophlebia page for details about their nymphs, hatching, and egg-laying behavior. This is by far the most important species of that genus.

Where & When

Regions: East, Midwest, West

Time Of Year (?): Late April through May in the East; late May through June in the West

Preferred Waters: Both rivers and lakes

Leptophlebia cupida is most important in the East and Midwest. Its range was expanded into the West when a Western species called Leptophlebia gravastella was discovered to be a synonym (Synonym: A former name of a taxon, usually a species. Entomologists frequently discover that two insects originally described as different species are one in the same, and they drop one of the names. The dropped name is said to be a synonym of the remaining name. These changes take a while to trickle into the common knowledge of anglers; for example, Baetis vagans is now a synonym of Baetis tricaudatus.) of cupida. There are fishable hatches on select rivers in both the East and the Midwest.

Very sporadic stragglers may emerge throughout the rest of the summer, but they are not important to trout.

1 Video of Leptophlebia cupida Mayflies:

Leptophlebia Nymph
In angling books, Leptophlebia mayfly nymphs have a reputation as poor swimmers. In reality, they're very adept swimmers, much moreso than most other mayfly nymphs categorized as "crawlers."
Date ShotFeb 2, 2004
Date AddedMar 31, 2006

Recent Discussions of Leptophlebia cupida

Southeast Mayflies 24 Replies »
Posted by DarkDun on Nov 20, 2006
Last reply on Mar 4, 2007 by Taxon
This is one of the species that seem to be prevalent in our area of southwest NC. It emerges in March as I recall and again in October on certain streams. I would like to confirm that this next season.

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