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Scientific name search: User Litobrancha (Jason Robinson)

Real NameJason Robinson
LocationKnoxville TN
Biography & ThoughtsAnyone know of a good sweet corn hatch?

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Latest Posts By Litobrancha

TitleRepliesLast Reply
Re: Insect Identification Caddisfly
In the Identify This! Board by Dkuhn
10Sep 25, 2008
by Creno
Re: Caddisfly
In the Identify This! Board by Nanz
9Aug 5, 2008
by Troutnut
Re: Stupid damselfly!
In the Insect Order Odonata-Zygoptera by Troutnut
4Jul 1, 2007
by Litobrancha
Re: Chimarra
In Theliopsyche Little Brown Sedge Adult by Taxon
11Jun 14, 2007
by Taxon
Re: Dragonfly nymph?
In Female Dolophilodes distinctus Caddisfly Adult by Taxon
12Jun 13, 2007
by Litobrancha
Re: Green Drake Hatch Frustrations
In the Mayfly Species Ephemera guttulata by Billy
7Jun 12, 2007
Re: Caddisfly8378h
In the Identify This! Board by Nanz
8Jun 12, 2007
by Nanz
In Rhyacophila carolina Caddisfly Larva by Litobrancha
3Jun 12, 2007
by Peter_O
Re: R. mainensis
In Rhyacophila mainensis Caddisfly Larva by GONZO
1Jun 12, 2007
by Litobrancha
Dolophilodes (Philopotamidae)
In Male Dolophilodes distinctus Caddisfly Adult by Litobrancha
1Jun 12, 2007
by Troutnut
In Male Psilotreta labida Caddisfly Adult by Litobrancha
1Jun 4, 2007
by Troutnut
Re: Anyone recognize this caddisfly?
In Apatania Caddisfly Adult by Troutnut
18May 23, 2007
by Entoman
In Apatania Caddisfly Adult by Litobrancha
2May 21, 2007
by Creno
Re: Hydropsychid?
In Hydropsyche Caddisfly Pupa by GONZO
14May 19, 2007
by LittleJ
In Polycentropus Caddisfly Larva by Litobrancha
1May 19, 2007
by Creno
genitalia pics?
In Hydropsyche aenigma Caddisfly Adult by Litobrancha
Looks like neophylax
In Neophylax Caddisfly Larva by Litobrancha
1May 13, 2007
by Creno
Re: Hydropsychidae (?)
In Cheumatopsyche Caddisfly Pupa by GONZO
6Apr 24, 2007
by Creno
Rhyacophila fuscula
In Rhyacophila fuscula Caddisfly Larva by Litobrancha
Agapetus are EVERYWHERE!!!!
In the Caddisfly Family Glossosomatidae by Litobrancha
1Apr 12, 2007
Re: Today's Quill Gordon
In Male Epeorus pleuralis Mayfly Dun by Beachvid
34Mar 8, 2007
by Feathers5
Re: Anyone have hellgrammite experiences to share?
In the Insect Family Corydalidae by Troutnut
56Dec 7, 2006
by Trout_House
Re: northern california caddisfly
In the Identify This! Board by Troutnabout
11Dec 5, 2006
by Entoman
Re: About these beautiful pictures of caddis.
In Neophylax Caddisfly Adult by Vshivkova
7Nov 20, 2006
Re: Not Hydropsyche, not Phryganeidae--more reasons
In Neophylax Caddisfly Adult by GONZO
10Oct 20, 2006
by Creno
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