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The Specimen

Apatania (Early Smoky Wing Sedges) Caddisfly AdultApatania (Early Smoky Wing Sedges) Caddisfly Adult View 7 PicturesThis one actually had a medium tan body when it emerged. By the time I took the picture it was dark as night. I was actually looking through my box of specimens trying to figure out where that tan one I caught disappeared to. Then I realized this is it.
Collected May 15, 2007 from the West Branch of the Delaware River in New York
Added to by on May 18, 2007

The Discussion

LitobranchaMay 21st, 2007, 12:22 pm
Knoxville TN

Posts: 51
you guys got apatania up there? kinda looks like one to me although not one of our species.
GONZOMay 21st, 2007, 12:36 pm
Site Editor
"Bear Swamp," PA

Posts: 1681
Yes. We have incerta, nigra, and blacki in PA. I'm pretty sure incerta is also found in NY.
CrenoDecember 22nd, 2007, 2:51 pm
Grants Pass, OR

Posts: 305
Folks - This is another I would call Brachycentrus. You can definitely see the maxillary palps folded up in front of the face.

And a note on Apatania - the eastern species are down to two - incerta and nigra. A.blacki, praevolans and rossi were all recently sunk under A. incerta. (Flint 2007 Proc. Ent. Soc. Wash. 109(3):739-740)

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