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Polycentropus (Brown Checkered Summer Sedges) Caddisfly Larva Pictures

This caddisfly was collected from the Delaware River on May 13th, 2007 and added to on May 18th, 2007.

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polycentropus 1 Reply »
Posted by Litobrancha on May 19, 2007
Last reply on Dec 22, 2007 by Creno
probably polycentropus, like earlfisherman said a good closeup of the anal claws would be helpful. esp any teeth or serrations on said claws. nice pics.
Posted by Earlfishman on May 19, 2007
Based on the head pattern, this larvae might be Polycentropus sp. or Neureclipsis sp., I find myself leaning towards the former but I've been wrong before. It's hard to tell for sure without close up photos of anal claws and legs. You can tell it isn't a Rhyacophilid because there isn't a sclerite on top of ab seg number 9.

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