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Caddisfly Family Polycentropodidae

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» Family Polycentropodidae
Genus in PolycentropodidaeNumber of SpecimensNumber of Pictures
NeureclipsisLittle Red Twilight Sedges00
NyctiophylaxDinky Light Summer Sedges00
PolycentropusBrown Checkered Summer Sedges14

3 genera aren't included.
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These small caddisflies are of occasional importance, but the family doesn't include any major superhatches.

Hatching Behavior

The pupae emerge on the surface.

Egg-Laying Behavior

Females of this family lay their eggs on the bottom, either by diving down or crawling down objects.

Larva & Pupa Biology

Diet: Smaller aquatic insects

Current Speed: Slow or still

Shelter Type: Wide variety of nets and net-like structures

Pictures of 1 Caddisfly Specimen in the Family Polycentropodidae:

Recent Discussions of Polycentropodidae

Plectrocnemia missing
Posted by AndyV on Aug 25, 2022
I believe this is missing from the list. Unsure of it's importance. However, they was a study on Plectrocnemia conspersa relative to trout populations in Ashdown Forest streams [Schofield et al. (1988)].
ReplyPolycentropodidae or? 14 Replies »
Posted by LowBudget on Oct 1, 2013
Last reply on Jul 24, 2014 by Crepuscular
The first image is of a live caddis. It was collected from Trout Creek which is in the Delaware River watershed in upstate NY. The background is 1/4 inch ruled graph paper which is under the Petrie dish holding the caddis with water.

(User-posted images are only viewable in the forum section.)

The second shows small silk nets found on rocks in the same stream during the same sampling.

(User-posted images are only viewable in the forum section.)

I've been working all of my ID books including "Freshwater Macroinvertebrates of Northeastern North America" by Peckarsky.

The upper lip does not seem to have the T shape of a Fingernet caddis. It does have the heavy mandible with a brush of Polycentropodidae.

But, I'm not completely satisfied.

Anyone have thoughts on this?


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