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Caddisfly Genus Hydropsyche (Spotted Sedges)

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» Genus Hydropsyche (Spotted Sedges)
Species in HydropsycheNumber of SpecimensNumber of Pictures
Hydropsyche aenigmaSpotted Sedge118
Hydropsyche alternansSpotted Sedge00
Hydropsyche betteniSpotted Sedge00
Hydropsyche bidensSpotted Sedge00
Hydropsyche bifidaSpotted Sedge00
Hydropsyche brontaSpotted Sedge00
Hydropsyche californicaSpotted Sedge15
Hydropsyche cockerelliSpotted Sedge00
Hydropsyche occidentalisSpotted Sedge00
Hydropsyche oslariSpotted Sedge00
Hydropsyche simulansSpotted Sedge00
Hydropsyche slossonaeSpotted Sedge00
Hydropsyche sparnaSpotted Sedge00
Hydropsyche vexaSpotted Sedge00

50 species aren't included.
Common Name
MatchCommon Name
***Spotted Sedges
The most important genus in the most important family of caddis.

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Recent Discussions of Hydropsyche

Correct hatch time of year Hydropsyche slossonae? 10 Replies »
Posted by AndyV on Aug 26, 2022 in the species Hydropsyche slossonae
Last reply on Oct 11, 2022 by AndyV
I've seen hatch charts (e.g. DNR hatch chart for SE MN) stating mid-May til the end of July vs June (from this site). Can anyone confirm?

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