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Mayfly Family Heptageniidae (March Browns, Cahills, Quill Gordons)

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» Family Heptageniidae (March Browns, Cahills, Quill Gordons)
Genus in HeptageniidaeNumber of SpecimensNumber of Pictures
CinygmaWestern Light Cahills12
CinygmulaDark Red Quills24132
EcdyonurusWestern Ginger Quills11
EpeorusLittle Maryatts47271
MaccaffertiumMarch Browns and Cahills59270
StenacronLight Cahills847

3 genera aren't included.
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This is page 21 of specimens of Heptageniidae. Visit the main Heptageniidae page for:

  • The behavior and habitat of Heptageniidae.
  • 11 underwater pictures of Heptageniidae.

Pictures of 214 Mayfly Specimens in the Family Heptageniidae:

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Epeorus deceptivus Mayfly NymphEpeorus deceptivus  Mayfly Nymph View 4 PicturesIdentification notes from the microscope: Gills on segment 1 extend anteriorly below the body, but not all the way to touching; posterolateral spines minor; femora (
The femur of this Isonychia bicolor mayfly spinner is highlighted in red.
The femur of this Isonychia bicolor mayfly spinner is highlighted in red.
Femur: The main segment of an insect's leg close to the body, in between the tibia and the trochanter.
without fuscous macula.
Collected August 4, 2020 from Green Lake Outlet in Idaho
Added to by Troutnut on August 20, 2020
Female Rhithrogena virilis Mayfly DunFemale Rhithrogena virilis  Mayfly Dun View 6 PicturesI'm guessing this one is Rhithrogena virilis based on collection of a male spinner of similar size and body configuration during the same trip.
Collected June 16, 2018 from the South Fork Snoqualmie River in Washington
Added to by Troutnut on June 23, 2018
Maccaffertium modestum (Cream Cahill) Mayfly NymphMaccaffertium modestum (Cream Cahill) Mayfly Nymph View 2 PicturesI looked at this nymph closely under my crappy microscope. It has truncate (Truncate: Cut off. This is often used to describe the square appearance of the gills of Maccaffertium mayfly nymphs, for example, as opposed to the pointed gills of the closely related genus Stenacron.) as opposed to rounded gills, postero-lateral (Lateral: To the side.) spines only on abdominal segments 7-9, and oblique crossbars through the center of each sterna, not on the posterior (Posterior: Toward the back of an organism's body. The phrase "posterior to" means "in back of.") edge like on some of the other Maccaffertium species. As best I can tell from the keys this is either modestum or ithaca and from the distribution maps I've seen I'm guessing it's modestum.
Collected March 10, 2004 from unknown in Wisconsin
Added to by Troutnut on January 19, 2006
Male Cinygmula mimus Mayfly AdultMale Cinygmula mimus  Mayfly Adult View 1 Pictures
Collected May 20, 2012 from the Touchet River in Washington
Added to by Bnewell on May 25, 2012
Male Cinygmula par Mayfly SpinnerMale Cinygmula par  Mayfly Spinner View 9 PicturesThis spinner came from one of those huge swarms that make one just stop fishing and admire the spectacle. Not bad for a little-known species.

In the same swarm I collected a female and another male.
Collected July 4, 2020 from Mystery Creek #249 in Washington
Added to by Troutnut on July 12, 2020
Specimen Page:1...20212223
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