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Mayfly Genus Stenacron (Light Cahills)

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Species in StenacronNumber of SpecimensNumber of Pictures
Stenacron interpunctatumLight Cahill321

6 species aren't included.
Common Names
The species in this genus were formerly classified in Stenonema. See the genus Maccaffertium for details. Only one species, Stenacron interpunctatum, is important to fly fishermen. See its page for details.

Recent Discussions of Stenacron

cahills 8 Replies »
Posted by LittleJ on Nov 25, 2006
Last reply on Dec 1, 2006 by Troutnut
I know I'm a little out of season, butI was curious if you had any shots of Stenacron Interpunctatum next to your hook quide, or could just give me a size range. I was thinking they were 14-16 but could be wrong. Also you have written that Stenacron Interpunctatum were rarely called cahills. If so what mayfly is it that i'm after (that is common name "cahill"). The stenacron look the same to me, but i have also never kept and memorized any specimens.

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