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Stonefly Genus Sweltsa (Sallflies)

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Species in SweltsaNumber of SpecimensNumber of Pictures
Sweltsa borealisSallfly00
Sweltsa coloradensisSallfly00
Sweltsa fidelisSallfly00
Sweltsa onkosSallfly00

24 species aren't included.
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Only Sweltsa coloradensis has been specifically mentioned as a common species in my sources.

Pictures of 9 Stonefly Specimens in the Genus Sweltsa:

Specimen Page:12
Sweltsa onkos (Sallfly) Stonefly AdultSweltsa onkos (Sallfly) Stonefly Adult View 8 PicturesI'm just guessing this is Chloroperlidae, since it's little and yellow. If anyone has a less haphazard identification, feel free to post it.
Collected May 15, 2007 from Mystery Creek #62 in New York
Added to by Troutnut on May 18, 2007
Sweltsa (Sallflies) Stonefly NymphSweltsa (Sallflies) Stonefly Nymph View 6 Pictures
Collected May 13, 2007 from the Delaware River in New York
Added to by Troutnut on May 18, 2007
Female Sweltsa (Sallflies) Stonefly AdultFemale Sweltsa (Sallflies) Stonefly Adult View 8 PicturesThese stoneflies--abundant during midday--seemed at first to be flying around with plain yellow bodies, but on closer inspection turn out to have striking, fiery red abdomens. This one keys out to albertensis, gaufini, or lambda, but the key (Baumann et al 1977) doesn't include all current species.

Collected June 30, 2019 from the Madison River in Montana
Added to by Troutnut on July 17, 2019
Specimen Page:12

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