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Caddisfly Family Philopotamidae

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This is page 2 of specimens of Philopotamidae. Visit the main Philopotamidae page for:

  • The behavior and habitat of Philopotamidae.

Pictures of 8 Caddisfly Specimens in the Family Philopotamidae:

Specimen Page:12
Dolophilodes (Medium Evening Sedges) Caddisfly LarvaDolophilodes (Medium Evening Sedges) Caddisfly Larva View 9 PicturesI think this larva best fits Dolophilodes, in which the anterior (Anterior: Toward the front of an organism's body. The phrase "anterior to" means "in front of.") margin of the frontoclypeus is supposed to be "slightly asymmetrical." I can't confidently make out the asymmetry, but the other genera are supposed to have either greater asymmetry or a symmetrical, but convex, shape, whereas this one is clearly concave.

Based on distribution records, the species should be either aequalis, dorcus, or pallidipes, but I can't find any source to distinguish between them.
Collected August 3, 2020 from the East Fork Big Lost River in Idaho
Added to by Troutnut on August 19, 2020
Philopotamidae Caddisfly LarvaPhilopotamidae  Caddisfly Larva View 2 Pictures
Collected March 13, 2005 from Cascadilla Creek in New York
Added to by Troutnut on April 5, 2006
Specimen Page:12
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