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In the Photography Board by WiScott
6Sep 1, 2016
by Wbranch
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344Jul 15, 2016
by Iasgair
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7Jun 24, 2016
by PaulRoberts
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32Jun 24, 2016
by Bugrchkr
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6Jun 22, 2016
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Re: Wet Reels
In Gear Talk by TedderX
16Jun 7, 2016
by Jmd123
Re: Iso's Help Get the Skunk Out of the Boat
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In the Photography Board by Oldredbarn
14Jun 7, 2016
by Oldredbarn
Re: Litobrancha and loneliness (those are good things)
In General Discussion by Crepuscular
3May 30, 2016
by Oldredbarn
Re: Caddis who?
In the Identify This! Board by Wiflyfisher
14May 8, 2016
by Adirman
Re: Skipped "the" opener, "my" opener was today
In the Photography Board by Jmd123
14May 5, 2016
by Martinlf
Re: Classic Rods
In Gear Talk by Kschaefer3
17Apr 25, 2016
by Crepuscular
Re: Beginning fly fishing: combo kit vs seperate purchases
In Gear Talk by Pnwjeep4x4
7Apr 19, 2016
by RanchMT
Re: things are happening fast here
In General Discussion by Crepuscular
11Apr 2, 2016
Re: Tying a midge emerger that floats with a buzzer dropper attached?
In Fly Tying by Ffly
2Mar 28, 2016
by Kschaefer3
Re: Does the extremely easily tied f-fly perform as well as the parachute adams?
In Fly Tying by Ffly
25Mar 23, 2016
by Flytyerinpa
Re: Driftless WI vs. MN
In General Discussion by Kschaefer3
6Mar 8, 2016
by Kschaefer3
Re: Pattern Suggestions
In General Discussion by Kschaefer3
5Mar 1, 2016
by Jmd123
Re: Podcasts?
In General Discussion by TimCat
1Nov 17, 2015
by Kschaefer3
Re: line memory
In Beginner Help by Kriss77
8Nov 13, 2015
by PaulRoberts
Re: Emerald Shiners
In Fly Tying by Wbranch
2Nov 6, 2015
by Kschaefer3
Re: Have you ever caught a Russian Taimen?
In General Discussion by Jtownsend86
1Nov 3, 2015
by Kschaefer3
Re: Managing salmon?
In General Discussion by Roguerat
8Oct 15, 2015
by Wbranch
Re: A couple days on the PM
In the Photography Board by Roguerat
19Oct 15, 2015
by Willy
Re: How do trout strike a minnow?
In General Discussion by Wbranch
9Sep 29, 2015
by PaulRoberts
Re: Nymphing Rig Questions
In General Discussion by Outdoors198
12Sep 23, 2015
by Outdoors198
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