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Real NameBrandon
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LocationOkemos, MI
Forum Signature"If I'm not going to catch anything, then I 'd rather not catch anything on flies" - Bob Lawless

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In General Discussion by Damon
6Oct 31, 2016
by Jmd123
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3Oct 20, 2016
by TimCat
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4Oct 15, 2016
by Martinlf
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18Oct 2, 2016
by Cbaird
Re: Stream ecology website for trout anglers
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5Sep 8, 2016
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6Sep 6, 2016
by Wbranch
Re: This week's adventures, including some new waters (to me)
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In the Photography Board by Jmd123
5Sep 1, 2016
by RiverRocks
Re: Parasite closes Yellowstone River
In General Discussion by Millcreek
1Aug 30, 2016
by TimCat
Re: The drought is over and some pretty fishies are biting
In the Photography Board by Jmd123
18Aug 30, 2016
by Wbranch
Re: West Carson River Rainbow
In the Photography Board by PESCATORE
4Aug 26, 2016
Re: Where EXACTLY Do The Little Yellow Stones Emerge???
In General Discussion by Demtrout
8Aug 16, 2016
by PaulRoberts
Re: How are your hatches doing lately?
In General Discussion by Jmd123
22Aug 15, 2016
by TimCat
Re: Beaver Pond(s)?
In General Discussion by TimCat
3Aug 1, 2016
by PaulRoberts
Re: Brook trout
In General Discussion by TNEAL
12Jul 28, 2016
by Jmd123
Re: Putting the 'nut' back in Troutnut, Part II
In Site Updates by Troutnut
15Jul 26, 2016
by TimCat
Next-Level Bow and Arrow casting - Joe Humphreys
In General Discussion by TimCat
3Jul 19, 2016
by Troutnut
Re: A beautiful summer evening on my favorite brookie pond
In the Photography Board by Jmd123
4Jul 12, 2016
by Jmd123
Re: Floating leader/tippet
In Fly Tying by TimCat
9Jul 7, 2016
by TimCat
Re: Esopus River Nymphing
In General Discussion by Adirman
5Jul 1, 2016
by Adirman
Re: Michigan fly fishing
In General Discussion by Jmd123
43Jun 30, 2016
by Roguerat
Re: Little waters...a beautiful evening on the Pine
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In the Photography Board by Jmd123
4Jun 30, 2016
by Steps25
Re: Cooke Pond smallies on three different mayfly hatches
(3 more)

In the Photography Board by Jmd123
7Jun 27, 2016
by PaulRoberts
Re: Michigan DNR to start stocking Arctic Grayling Featured Topic
In General Discussion by TimCat
18Jun 24, 2016
by Oldredbarn
Re: hex hatch
In Male Hexagenia limbata Mayfly Spinner by Daleeahrens
10Jun 24, 2016
by Jmd123
Re: General Questions
In Gear Talk by TedderX
3May 23, 2016
by CaseyP
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