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Scientific name search: User Jjlyon01 (Jamie Lyons)

Real NameJamie Lyons
LocationSUNY Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse
Forum Signature"I now walk into the wild"

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Latest Posts By Jjlyon01

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Fly Fishing the brine of Florida's Atlantic Coast
In General Discussion by Jjlyon01
1Feb 23, 2009
by Martinlf
Re: Latin Project
In General Discussion by Jjlyon01
7Nov 19, 2008
by Martinlf
80 degree aquatic insect tank?
In General Discussion by Jjlyon01
2Nov 17, 2008
by Troutnut
Re: new pole i got
In Gear Talk by Iliketofish
5Nov 8, 2008
by JAD
Re: Spey Rods
In Gear Talk by Jjlyon01
3Oct 20, 2008
by Trtklr
First Trip of the TroutBums
In General Discussion by Jjlyon01
1Oct 20, 2008
by Troutnut
Re: Trout response to rising hot and dry years
In General Discussion by Shawnny3
2Sep 3, 2008
by Jjlyon01
Re: Trout - 9, Jamie - 0
In General Discussion by Jjlyon01
5Aug 28, 2008
by Wbranch
Re: Shadow casting
In General Discussion by Jjlyon01
15Jul 20, 2008
Re: Fly Rod help!
In Gear Talk by Proslackass
7Jul 18, 2008
by Chris_3g
Re: The best trout water
In General Discussion by Trtklr
30Jul 11, 2008
by Aaron7_8
Re: The Rise: What can we learn?
In the Insect Order Ephemeroptera by MarkA
4Jul 8, 2008
by Jjlyon01
Re: cicadas....looking back
In General Discussion by LittleJ
9Jul 7, 2008
by Catharsis
Re: Fishing tattoos
In the Photography Board by Sundula
11Jul 6, 2008
by Wbranch
Re: Fascinating periodical cicada specimen
In the Photography Board by Shawnny3
27Jun 30, 2008
by Shawnny3
St. Regis Canoe Area
In General Discussion by Jjlyon01
Re: Saltwater - Stripers and Blues
In the Photography Board by Al514
2Jun 23, 2008
by Jjlyon01
Re: Coho Salmon out East?
In General Discussion by CamWolf1313
6Jun 21, 2008
by Jjlyon01
Re: Sundown on the Beaverkill
In the Photography Board by Softhackle
6Jun 19, 2008
by CamWolf1313
Re: Night-fishing for trout
In General Discussion by Vermonter
27Jun 17, 2008
by Jjlyon01
Re: Big Bugs
In the Photography Board by DayTripper
8Jun 11, 2008
by DayTripper
Re: Help they are on my house
In the Insect Order Ephemeroptera by KGotz
4May 31, 2008
by Ffhd1clt
Re: learn from my mistake!
In General Discussion by Mcjames
4May 25, 2008
by Shawnny3
Re: Great Summer Job on the Madison River, by West Yellowstone!
In General Discussion by Wiflyfisher
6May 20, 2008
by Mtskibum
In General Discussion by Jjlyon01
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