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Mayfly Species Isonychia bicolor (Mahogany Dun)

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This is page 2 of specimens of Isonychia bicolor. Visit the main Isonychia bicolor page for:

  • The behavior and habitat of Isonychia bicolor.

Pictures of 19 Mayfly Specimens in the Species Isonychia bicolor:

Specimen Page:123
Isonychia bicolor (Mahogany Dun) Mayfly NymphIsonychia bicolor (Mahogany Dun) Mayfly Nymph View 7 PicturesThis Isonychia bicolor nymph from the Catskills displays the prominent white stripe sometimes characteristic of its species. This is the first such specimen I've photographed, because members of the same species in the Upper Midwest have a more subdued stripe (and were once thought to be a different species, Isonychia sadleri). The striking coloration on this eastern nymph is more appealing.
Collected April 19, 2006 from the Beaverkill River in New York
Added to by Troutnut on April 21, 2006
Female Isonychia bicolor (Mahogany Dun) Mayfly DunFemale Isonychia bicolor (Mahogany Dun) Mayfly Dun View 6 PicturesI thought this dun was worth photographing, even though she's in pretty bad shape, because she shows something I haven't seen in Isonychia elsewhere. The bright stripe down the back which is normally present only in the nymph carried over to the dun in this one.
Collected May 26, 2007 from Penn's Creek in Pennsylvania
Added to by Troutnut on June 4, 2007
Isonychia bicolor (Mahogany Dun) Mayfly NymphIsonychia bicolor (Mahogany Dun) Mayfly Nymph View 2 PicturesThese three Isonychia nymphs show the variety within the species from a single day at a single collection site.
Collected January 14, 2004 from the Namekagon River in Wisconsin
Added to by Troutnut on January 25, 2006
Specimen Page:123
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