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True Fly Family Chironomidae (Midges)

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» Family Chironomidae (Midges)
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This is page 4 of specimens of Chironomidae. Visit the main Chironomidae page for:

  • The behavior and habitat of Chironomidae.
  • 4 underwater pictures of Chironomidae.
  • 2 streamside pictures of Chironomidae.

Pictures of 24 Midge Specimens:

Specimen Page:1234
Chironomidae (Midges) Midge LarvaChironomidae (Midges) True Fly Larva View 8 PicturesI don't see a lot of green Chironomidae larvae in my samples, so I photographed this one.
Collected July 4, 2020 from Mystery Creek #249 in Washington
Added to by Troutnut on July 12, 2020
Specimen Page:1234
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