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Mayfly Family Caenidae (Angler's Curses)

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» Family Caenidae (Angler's Curses)
Genus in CaenidaeNumber of SpecimensNumber of Pictures
BrachycercusAngler's Curses00
CaenisAngler's Curses1130

2 genera aren't included.
Common Name
MatchCommon Name
***Angler's Curses
The tiny mayflies of this family are usually found in warm, slow, marginal trout water, although some trout streams hold good populations too.

The only genus ever known to produce fishable hatches is Caenis. It turns up frequently for anglers who sample nymphs, but it is rarely of any practical importance for fly fishing because its emergence traits and tiny size (even smaller than Tricorythodes) make it relatively unimportant.

Brachycercus is even more focused on warm water than Caenis.

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Missing genera (from missing list)
Posted by AndyV on Nov 8, 2022
Latineosus, Sparbarus, Susperatus should all be included in the genera that aren't included (I think).


There is 1 more topic.

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