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Mayfly Species Siphlonurus quebecensis (Gray Drake)

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This is the Siphlonurus species I have encountered most frequently on Eastern trout waters. I often find its spinners swarming in a mix with Siphlonurus alternatus, and I have read that Siphlonurus rapidus may join these groups as well.  

Where & When

Regions: East, Midwest

Time Of Year (?): Mid-May through late July

Spinner Behavior

Time Of Day: Dusk

Habitat: Riffles
I have had nothing but frustration when these spinners are over the water. They are present on almost every summer evening at certain riffles on a favorite river, usually in swarms large enough to tease the angler but too small to cause a good rise of trout. I have only seen the trout respond well to their fall once, maybe, in a freak series of hungry rises that ended faster than I could get in position to cast. Yet others have reported good fishing to this species on that very river, and they are even more popular to the East in Michigan.

They are large mayflies with the qualities trout enjoy, so pay close attention when you spot their swarms, but beware their reputation for disappointment.

Pictures of 7 Mayfly Specimens in the Species Siphlonurus quebecensis:

Specimen Page:12
Siphlonurus quebecensis (Gray Drake) Mayfly NymphSiphlonurus quebecensis (Gray Drake) Mayfly Nymph View 5 PicturesI photographed this nymph in the middle of molting between one instar (Instar: Many invertebrates molt through dozens of progressively larger and better-developed stages as they grow. Each of these stages is known as an instar. Hard-bodied nymphs typically molt through more instars than soft-bodied larvae.) and the next (not hatching).
Collected May 13, 2007 from the Delaware River in New York
Added to by Troutnut on May 18, 2007
Specimen Page:12

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