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Stonefly Genus Calineuria (Golden Stones)

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» Genus Calineuria (Golden Stones)
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Calineuria californicaGolden Stone00
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The only species in this important western genus is Calineuria californica. See its species hatch page for more information.

Pictures of 4 Stonefly Specimens in the Genus Calineuria:

Specimen Page:12
Female Calineuria californica (Golden Stone) Stonefly AdultFemale Calineuria californica (Golden Stone) Stonefly Adult View 17 PicturesI caught this female in the vegetation on a trail about 50 feet above the stream. The coloration on its head differs from that of a male I collected recently on a nearby river, and from another female I collected on the same river. But it still keys out confidently to Calineuria, and californica is the only species of that genus in the area.
Collected July 25, 2019 from Mystery Creek #249 in Washington
Added to by Troutnut on July 26, 2019
Male Calineuria californica (Golden Stone) Stonefly AdultMale Calineuria californica (Golden Stone) Stonefly Adult View 15 PicturesA few of these larger stoneflies were fluttering around the South Fork on an evening dominated by much smaller species.

This one has been difficult to identify. I can't spot any of the gill remnants characteristic of Perlidae, but the wing venation (Venation: The pattern in which the veins on the wings of an insect are arranged. It is usually one of the most useful identifying characteristics.) seems to point in that direction. I tried keying it out as Perlodidae but arrived at Isoperla, every western species of which has significantly smaller bodies than this one.

Edit: See forum comments for a likely correct identification.
Collected July 20, 2019 from the South Fork Snoqualmie River in Washington
Added to by Troutnut on July 22, 2019
Specimen Page:12

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