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NightanglerSeptember 15th, 2006, 10:04 am
Branson Missouri

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First off...

Very nice site Jason!!


I would like alittle thinking of a good night time pattern for the White Miller (Nectopsyche albida )... I seen a few hatching... and the fish are hitting on white woollies buggers... I think if I got closer to the fly itself.. Id pick up alot more fish...

Any thoughts on a fly to tye??
GONZOSeptember 16th, 2006, 1:29 pm
Site Editor
"Bear Swamp," PA

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Here are a few simple flies you might try--

For active (skittering) adults: Try a white Elk-Hair Caddis, (+/-) #14. If you are tying your own, you might want to add a very pale green body and a light ginger or cream hackle under the light elk- or deer-hair wing.

For spent (flush in the film) adults: Use the same pattern minus the palmered hackle (or just fish the above fly untreated and soggy).

For submerged (drowned or diving) adults: The classic White Miller wet fly works (but add a pale green body if tying your own).

For emerging pupa: You probably won't find a commercial pattern to match the pupa; so tie a soft-hackle style with a pale green (or cream) body ribbed with pearl Krystal Flash, a tan shoulder (thorax) and a collar of the palest partridge you can find.

Good Luck!

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