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Paragnetina media (Embossed Stonefly) Stonefly Nymph Pictures

This stonefly was collected from Cascadilla Creek on March 13th, 2005 and added to on April 5th, 2006.

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Probably an immature Paragnetina media 2 Replies »
Posted by GONZO on Oct 4, 2006
Last reply on Jan 19, 2010 by Dkak
The row of spinules, absence of anal gills, and overall hairiness are all consistent with immature P. media. (The mature nymphs are cleaner, darker, and less hairy.)

I would also suggest altering the Paragnetina page to say that media is very important in both the East and Midwest. (media is probably the most widespread and commonly encountered large member of the Perlidae in the East. Due to its tolerance and adaptability it is often found in streams that have few other stonefly species.) The "accepted" (Stark, et al.) common names are Embossed Stone for media and Beautiful Stone for immarginata.

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