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Mayfly Species Baetisca laurentina (Armored Mayfly)

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This is page 2 of specimens of Baetisca laurentina. Visit the main Baetisca laurentina page for:

  • The behavior and habitat of Baetisca laurentina.
  • 1 underwater picture of Baetisca laurentina.

Pictures of 18 Mayfly Specimens in the Species Baetisca laurentina:

Specimen Page:123
Baetisca laurentina (Armored Mayfly) Mayfly NymphBaetisca laurentina (Armored Mayfly) Mayfly Nymph View 3 PicturesI took a few group picture of a bunch of Baetisca laurentina nymphs to show the degree of individual variation in size, color, and shape that can occur within the same species in the same pool of the same river. This variation is one important reason why trout are forgiving of some small degree of variation in our imitations--the naturals themselves vary, too.
Collected March 1, 2004 from unknown in Wisconsin
Added to by Troutnut on January 25, 2006
Male Baetisca laurentina (Armored Mayfly) Mayfly DunMale Baetisca laurentina (Armored Mayfly) Mayfly Dun View 5 PicturesI found this dun floating on the surface at night while I mucked around in the shallows collecting nymphs. I suspect he may have been prompted to emerge by the stress of my disturbance.
Collected May 22, 2004 from the Namekagon River in Wisconsin
Added to by Troutnut on January 25, 2006
Specimen Page:123
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