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Caddisfly Species Neophylax rickeri (Brown Dot Sedge)

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Common Names
There is a study on the life history (Life history: The detailed life cycle of an organism, including the stages it passes through and characteristic behavior relating to growth and reproduction.) of this species in the North American Benthological Society abstracts.  

Where & When

Region: West

Time Of Year (?): September through November

Many of the larvae are full-grown by mid- to late Spring and they enter a period of diapause (Diapause: A state of complete dormancy deeper even than hibernation. While in diapause, an organism does not move around, eat, or even grow. Some caddisfly larvae enter diapause for a few weeks to several months. Some species of microscopic zooplankton can enter diapause for several hundred years.) until it's time to pupate and emerge in the fall.

Egg-Laying Behavior

The females land on rocks in riffles and crawl underwater to lay their eggs on the downstream side.

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