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Little Sister Sedges

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This name reflects the close relationship of Cheumatopsyche to the better-known genus Hydropsyche, the Spotted Sedge.

This common name refers to only one genus.

Caddisfly Genus Cheumatopsyche

These are often called Little Sister Sedges.
To generalize broadly, Cheumatopsyche is found lower in the watershed than the similar genera Hydropsyche and Ceratopsyche. It is also smaller, but there is wide variation in size and color between the species. See the family Hydropsychidae page for life cycle details common to these genera.

The most important trout stream species are Cheumatopsyche campyla and Cheumatopsyche pettiti.
Cheumatopsyche (Little Sister Sedges) Caddisfly PupaCheumatopsyche (Little Sister Sedges) Caddisfly Pupa View 10 PicturesThis is the first fully formed caddis pupa (technically, a pharate adult (Pharate adult: Caddisflies are considered to be pupae during their transformation from larva into adult. This transformation is complete before they're ready to emerge. The emerging insect we imitate with the "pupa" patterns we tie is technically called a pharate adult. It is a fully-formed adult caddisfly with one extra layer of exoskeleton surrounding it and restricting its wings.)) that I've collected and photographed alive and healthy. I'll put a video of this specimen online soon, too.
Collected April 14, 2007 from in
Added to by on April 22, 2007
Cheumatopsyche (Little Sister Sedges) Caddisfly AdultCheumatopsyche (Little Sister Sedges) Caddisfly Adult View 9 Pictures
Collected September 19, 2006 from in
Added to by on October 4, 2006
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