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Penelomax septentrionalis Mayfly Nymph Pictures

This mayfly was collected from the Delaware River on May 13th, 2007 and added to on May 18th, 2007.

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Where's Taxon or Gonzo? 7 Replies »
Posted by Oldredbarn on Jan 15, 2010
Last reply on Jan 22, 2010 by Taxon
Now this is one that slipped by me Ephemerella septentrionalis...Look at those long legs! I guess we may say that this bug doesn't qualify as a "Super Hatch", but what does anyone know of it? Has anyone other than Jason ran in to it? When does it emerge etc?

I have been meaning to send Jason a note asking him on how accurate is the color of the naturals he photographs to their true color? Are these their true colors or is something lost in translation?

If this bug exists in any numbers and the color is accurate...A natural pheasant tail would cover it nicely.

When I first started tying the "legs" on my PTN's were overly long...I could use them for this guy.


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