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Mayfly Genus Labiobaetis (Tiny Blue-Winged Olives)

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» Genus Labiobaetis (Tiny Blue-Winged Olives)
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Labiobaetis propinquusTiny Blue-Winged Olive00

6 species aren't included.
Common Names
This genus contains only one species of interest to anglers, Labiobaetis propinquus. See the species hatch page for more information.

The species of this genus can be identified by the combination of its tiny elliptical hindwings lacking costal projections (
The costal projection of a Baetidae dun.
The costal projection of a Baetidae dun.
Costal projection: A bump or point sticking up from the front margin of an insect's wing, usually the rear wing of certain mayflies. It is sometimes called a costal process.
( a few obscure species have them but they are so reduced as to be barely observable under low magnification) and lacking a conical mesonotal projection (Conical mesonotal projection: small cone shaped spike sticking up from the top and front part of the middle thorax segment.). Their two tailed nymphs are more difficult.

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