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Moth Family Geometridae (Inchworms)

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» Family Geometridae (Inchworms)
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**Green Worms
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These terrestrial (Terrestrial: Insects which live on land and are fed on by trout only when they incidentally fall into the water are known as "terrestrials" to fly anglers, and they're very important in late summer.) moths are sometimes taken by trout when their larvae, the well-known inchworms, dangle by their little silken threads in especially high numbers around June. They may be abundant enough throughout the forest that plenty dangle their way into the water.  

Where & When

Regions: East, Midwest, West

Time Of Year (?): Late spring or early summer

Pictures of 1 Moth Specimen in the Family Geometridae:

Geometridae (Inchworms) Moth LarvaGeometridae (Inchworms) Moth Larva View 6 PicturesI caught this inchworm lowering itself to the surface of a trout stream from its silk thread. I saw a couple others floating on the surface, so it's likely the trout were familiar with them.
Collected May 29, 2007 from Brodhead Creek in Pennsylvania
Added to by Troutnut on June 4, 2007

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