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Hellgrammite Genus Nigronia (Fishflies)

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Nigronia serricornisFishfly544

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This seems to be the most common trout stream dobsonfly genus.

Pictures of 5 Hellgrammite Specimens in the Genus Nigronia:

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Specimen Page:12

Recent Discussions of Nigronia

Fishfly is not a hellgramite 5 Replies »
Posted by Ofieldstrea on Jun 24, 2007
Last reply on Jun 28, 2011 by PaulRoberts
Troutnut ... the term "hellgramite" is reserved for the Dobsonfly (Corydalinae). Though the Fishfly (Chauliodinae) and the dobsonfly are from the same Megaloptera family, at first glance appear similar, and have similar stages of development, they are from different subfamily with differing subspecies and have very different morphology and biology.

The dobsonfly inhabit the more oxygenated waters of riffles and possess only tuffed gills for respiration. The fishfly inhabit the quiter waters of pools and still water. Fishflies have a primative gills called lateral filaments, while some species of fishfly utilize breathing tubes, located posterior, to accomodate the use of atmospheric oxygen for breathing in low dissolved oxygen envirions while remaining submerged.

So .. it is incorrect to use the term 'hellgramite' when talking about the fishfly larvae. They are simply, 'fishfly larvae'. You really should change your reference.

---- Reference -----
McCafferty, W. Patrick, 1981. Aquatic Entomology; Chpt. 11, Fishflies, Dobsonflies and Alderflies (order Megaloptera), p. 189-196


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