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Mayfly Species Acentrella insignificans (Tiny Blue-Winged Olive)

This species shares its distribution with the much more common Acentrella turbida over much of it's range. In the West, it overshadows turbida in some locales. It can be differentiated from turbida by the presence of hind wings and from most other baetids by its hind wings having two longitudinal veins (Longitudinal vein: Longitudinal veins are the major long veins running length-wise through an insect's wing, connecting the base to the outer margin, or the major branches from those veins.) and a lack of costal projection (
The costal projection of a Baetidae dun.
The costal projection of a Baetidae dun.
Costal projection: A bump or point sticking up from the front margin of an insect's wing, usually the rear wing of certain mayflies. It is sometimes called a costal process.
. It was previously classified as Baetis insignificans.

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