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> > Must Read This on my New Reel Purchase

6106bDecember 10th, 2019, 8:26 am

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I bought a Piscifun Crest 9/10 fly reel for fishing the Lower Laguna Madre Flats between south Podre Island and the Texas Coast.I read some articals and decided I needed to change the order to a Piscifun Platte Reel which is a more heavy duty reel.I ask them to give me the amount I owed in the difference in price.After two days I get an email saying the would chane the order but the price difference was 63.2. I emailed them back and ask if that was 63.20 . another day I got email amount 63.2. I went to Paypal and sent the 63.20 in hopes that amount was right.Another day i send email and ask did you get my money I sent you? another day they said no.I checked with paypal and the money I sent was Pending waiting for Piscifun to claim it.I sent email teeling Piscifun the amount is pending waitng on you.Another day got email asking how I sent the money I told them. Another day got email said I need to send it via Paypalme . I never heard of that before .I had to get Paypal to cancel the pending payment and sent it via Paypalme. another day I got email saying they did not recieve the payment.i emailed back that it is there I sernt it like they wanted it sent.Three day go by and I get email that they will send the reel when they recieve payment.Now when I sent the Paypalme it changed to chinese and then this all started to make scense .Only one email per day and sometimes not even that and the 63.2. now I understand ,they don't speak english and thery may be limited to one email a day not sure just guessing.I have not recieved the reel yet.Just want to warn everyone to stay away from Piscifun ,it is a night mare .No customer service except for one email a day phone just rings no one answers mail box is full.The hide that this is Chinese company.I hope I don't have any trouble with the reel because I know I refuse to go two weeks to answer a question .
WbranchDecember 17th, 2019, 8:43 am
York & Starlight PA

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Next time you want to buy any fly fishing tackle just go on line and type in "Fly shops in Texas" and I'm sure you will get some results. For that matter you could just drive to a local Gander, or Dicks, or other outdoor stores that sell fly fishing equipment. You can also go on line and order a fly reel direct from Bass Pro or Cabela's. There are at least half a dozen reels on the Cabela's web site from $50 - $75.

Catskill fly fisher for fifty-five years.

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