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This common name refers to only one class.

Vertebrate Class Actinopterygii

These are pretty much always called Fishes.
Baitfish are a very important part of the diet of large trout, in both streams and rivers. Some streamer fishermen believe matching a particular species of baitfish may give an edge, just as hatch-matching helps fool insectivorous fish.

The specific properties of baitfish vary so widely that, given the relative unimportance of their differences, I have not yet put aside the time to write about them.

On this site, I the whole fishes section is deliberately incomplete. It's focused on possible prey for trout, and other taxa are left off the lists. I haven't put as much time into this fish section as I have into the insects, but I will start adding some good closeups of more baitfish species soon.
Cottidae (Sculpins) Sculpin AdultCottidae (Sculpins) Fish Adult View 7 PicturesThis seems to be a mottled sculpin, Cottus bairdi. Normally this species is more mottled.
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