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Mites and Spiders

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This common name refers to only one class.

Arthropod Class Arachnida

These are pretty much always called Mites and Spiders.
These occasionally aquatic creatures are not known to be particularly important to trout, but I have a few neat pictures.
Arachnida (Mites and Spiders) Arthropod NymphArachnida (Mites and Spiders) Arthropod Nymph View 3 PicturesMites are quite beautiful when viewed with magnification. Some get large like the middle photo which is of a red mite about the size of a pea.
Collected July 4, 2009 from in
Added to by on June 26, 2011
Acari (Mites) Mite AdultAcari (Mites) Arthropod Adult View 4 PicturesThese tiny little aquatic mites show up in my samples from time to time. This fairly large one is only about 1mm long, so these aren't relevant to trout, but it's interesting to know that they're down there, anyway.
Collected April 1, 2007 from in
Added to by on April 2, 2007
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