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Brown and Green Caddisflies

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This common name refers to only one genus.

Caddisfly Genus Rhyacophila

These are very rarely called Brown and Green Caddisflies.
The large free-living larvae of the Rhyacophila genus are among the best-known caddisflies, and for good reason, because their unique biology is both interesting to entomologists and compatible with trout fishing. There are over 100 species, and many of them can be important.
Rhyacophila fuscula (Green Sedge) Caddisfly LarvaRhyacophila fuscula (Green Sedge) Caddisfly Larva View 11 Pictures
Collected April 1, 2007 from in
Added to by on April 3, 2007
Rhyacophila (Green Sedges) Caddisfly PupaRhyacophila (Green Sedges) Caddisfly Pupa View 11 PicturesI collected this pupa and several like it from the same stream and on the same day as this larva. I suspect they're the same species. Every pupa I collected was in a brown casing like the one shown in one of the pictures below. I cut this pupa out of its case after a picture so you can see more details. It is close to but not fully developed.
Collected June 5, 2005 from in
Added to by on May 25, 2006
Rhyacophila (Green Sedges) Caddisfly AdultRhyacophila (Green Sedges) Caddisfly Adult View 14 Pictures
Collected July 28, 2019 from in
Added to by on July 30, 2019
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