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Miniature Blue-Winged Olives

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This common name refers to only one genus.

Mayfly Genus Acentrella

These are often called Miniature Blue-Winged Olives.
The only Acentrella species commonly reported to be important to anglers is Acentrella turbida, though Acentrella insignificans is important in some western locales. See the species pages for distribution and timing details. This genus is one of two (including Heterocloeon) that can easily be distinguished from other Baetidae genera by the presence of a conical mesonotal projection (Conical mesonotal projection: small cone shaped spike sticking up from the top and front part of the middle thorax segment.). A. turbida lacks hindwings which is useful for distinguishing this species from all others in either genera. A. turbida was previously known by the names of its synonyms (Synonym: A former name of a taxon, usually a species. Entomologists frequently discover that two insects originally described as different species are one in the same, and they drop one of the names. The dropped name is said to be a synonym of the remaining name. These changes take a while to trickle into the common knowledge of anglers; for example, Baetis vagans is now a synonym of Baetis tricaudatus.) Pseudocloeon turbidum in the West and Pseudocloeon carolina in the East.
Male Acentrella insignificans (Tiny Blue-Winged Olive) Mayfly NymphMale Acentrella insignificans (Tiny Blue-Winged Olive) Mayfly Nymph View 10 PicturesAnother nymph probably of the same species as this one emerged and was photographed as a dun and partly-molted spinner.
Collected September 12, 2020 from in
Added to by on September 19, 2020
Female Acentrella (Tiny Blue-Winged Olives) Mayfly DunFemale Acentrella (Tiny Blue-Winged Olives) Mayfly Dun View 3 PicturesI've lost the date information for this specimen and taken a guess.
Collected August 1, 2004 from in
Added to by on January 25, 2006
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