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Early Brown Spinners

Like most common names, "Early Brown Spinner" can refer to more than one taxon. They're previewed below, along with 3 specimens. For more detail click through to the scientific names.

Mayfly Species Leptophlebia cupida

These are very rarely called Early Brown Spinners.
Most anglers encounter these large mayflies every Spring in the East and Midwest. They are omnipresent in small portions, providing filler action in the days or hours between the prolific hatches of the early season Ephemerella flies.

See the main Leptophlebia page for details about their nymphs, hatching, and egg-laying behavior. This is by far the most important species of that genus.
Leptophlebia cupida (Black Quill) Mayfly NymphLeptophlebia cupida (Black Quill) Mayfly Nymph View 7 Pictures
Collected January 13, 2004 from in
Added to by on January 25, 2006
Male Leptophlebia cupida (Black Quill) Mayfly DunMale Leptophlebia cupida (Black Quill) Mayfly Dun View 6 PicturesThis Leptophlebia cupida dun was extremely cooperative, and it molted into a spinner for me in front of the camera. Here I have a few dun pictures and one spinner picture, and I've put the entire molting sequence in an article.
Collected May 27, 2005 from in
Added to by on May 16, 2006
Female Leptophlebia cupida (Black Quill) Mayfly SpinnerFemale Leptophlebia cupida (Black Quill) Mayfly Spinner View 7 Pictures
Collected May 28, 2005 from in
Added to by on May 24, 2006

Mayfly Species Leptophlebia nebulosa

These are very rarely called Early Brown Spinners.
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