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> > A general understanding of BWO patterns

AndyVOctober 12th, 2022, 10:17 pm
Twin Cities

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One of the most prolific group of mayflies in the Midwest, Blue Wing Olives is a general label used for several species of mayflies in a few different families. Knowing which specific ones hatch on your stream allows you to hone in on color, size, habitat, emergence and spinner falls. Some species can change color between emergence and a few minutes after emergence so understanding color of emergence is important.

Within the actual flies I tie for BWOs, I have a myriad of beadhead and non-beadhead nymphs, emerger patterns, cripple patterns, dries, spinners and egg layers. I will start a BWO pre-hatch with nymphs, probably 1 beadhead and one without (the beadhead helps get the fly deeper and can be an attractor when water is off-color). Note: on heavily-fished water, beadheads can actually be detrimental. I often use emergers for all water types (still, runs, riffles) and certain dries for certain water followed by spinners if the dries stop working. Remember that at any time, other insects might be on the water so be observant and watch rise forms for a key as to what might be happening.

Here are a few of the many patterns out there to give you a better understanding of what is possible for tying BWOs (note: I excluded egg patterns but you get the picture). I have my favorites, and I often will talk to fly shops when traveling to new waters just to see what they say (it never hurts to buy a fly or two from them out of courtesy). Pheasant tail patterns and hare's ears are also high on my list depending on the mayfly coming off - there is a reason they've been around for so long.

Start with finding the bugs on your water and then adapt a few patterns to fish a hatch cycle and see how it goes. These are larger images but it looks like the links below my name are working.


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