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Jt7May 10th, 2022, 11:08 am
South Mississippi

Posts: 1
Pretty much fly fishing novice so some educated opinions would be appreciated. I have owned a White Rive Dogwood Canyon 9' 5wt for several years. Mostly bream/bass in the past. Few years ago i finally started trout fishing. Been Tn/NC few times, Northern New Mexico & Co. few times so do fish different types of water sometimes. Now looking to get additional rod or upgrade to new rod. Question is would it make sense to add a 3wt rod? If so would 7'6" or 8'6"be better? Thinking about when i fish smaller/ brushier streams in Tn/NC or like Cimarron in New Mexico. I think i want to go with something on the med action side. And know it would be best to go cast these but closest fly shop thats geared toward trout is probably about 6+ hours away.

Rods (3 wt) i'm looking at.. (I want to stay under $200):
TFO Signature 2 - 7'6" /3wt (med action) ~ $150
Redington classic trout- (med action) either 7'6" or 8'6"/3wt ~$120
Allen Heritage- 7"6" /3wt (med action) price is $240 but can try catch a BOGO and would also get a Compass or Heritage 9' 5 wt as an upgrade to my White River.
Echo Lift -7'6" /3 wt ~$110
As a note i just bought a Maxcatch Premier 8'4" 3 wt, looks like decent rod but just seems too stiff/fast for me. Would these other rods i have listed be an upgrade over the Maxcatch?

Last question, would any of these rods be an upgrade (if i also got another 9' 5wt) over the White River i currently have? I like it ok, dont even know what the action is on it but suits me pretty good just wondering if it's worth it to buy a replacement for it. (Thats the only way buying the Allen rods would make any sense to me if they had BOGO).
PartsmanMay 11th, 2022, 10:11 am
bancroft michigan

Posts: 420
Jt7, welcome to the forum! I think you will find this forum more slanted towards the bugs and patterns that inmate them and some gear talk. I love to talk gear just because I’ve bought so much and tried a lot of it, and other members may want to chime in your question. I have not had any experience with any of the rods you have listed. My two small stream rods ate a orvis 7.5 3 wt. superfine carbon, and 6.5 3 wt. I built sometime ago. I love them both and use them in different situations on small northern Michigan streams. Jason, I hope this is okay, but if jt7 does a internet search for North American fly fishing forum he can go to the fly rods thread and knock himself out with info and feedback on rods.
PartsmanMay 11th, 2022, 10:29 am
bancroft michigan

Posts: 420
See you already been there 😊 choice.

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