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True Flies

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This common name refers to only one order.

Insect Order Diptera

These are pretty much always called True Flies.
This incredibly diverse order holds tens of thousands of species. They are the "true flies" with two wings, and they have complete life cycles (larva to pupa to adult). Beyond that they have little in common.

The most important family is Chironomidae, the midges. The craneflies of Tipulidae and the related families may also be important, as may be several of the others in the right place and time.
Pedicia albivitta (Giant Eastern Crane Fly) True Fly LarvaPedicia albivitta (Giant Eastern Crane Fly) True Fly Larva View 9 Pictures
Collected March 29, 2005 from in
Added to by on April 6, 2006
Chironomidae (Midges) Midge PupaChironomidae (Midges) True Fly Pupa View 5 Pictures
Collected July 17, 2011 from in
Added to by on July 20, 2011
Male Stictochironomus Midge AdultMale Stictochironomus  Midge Adult View 11 PicturesThis midge and several like it, including a female I also photographed, hatched from larvae which were living in some fine mud I'm using as substrate in my bug-rearing aquarium.
Collected April 10, 2007 from in
Added to by on April 10, 2007
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