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Articles on the Basics

Interpreting Hatch Information by Troutnut

Some important background information will help readers get the most out of information about fly hatches on this website or in any angling entomology book. Aquatic insects are complicated and unpredictable, and emergence dates, times, and habits often deviate from the "typical" behavior. Learn how to predict and understand the most common deviations. Read more...

About the Troutnut by Troutnut

Once in a while somebody asks questions about the guy behind this site, so I've provided the answers here. Read more...

Understanding the Taxonomic Classification System (Phylums, Genera, and All That) by Troutnut

Learn the handy system by which biologists arrange all living things. The Aquatic Insects section of this site will be easier to navigate, and make more sense, for readers who understand the basics of the taxonomic system. Read more...

Using the Dichotomous Key by Troutnut

This article will describe how to use the identification keys on this site, once I've created them. Read more...

How to Get an Aquatic Insect Identified by Troutnut

If you're posting insect pictures on the forum for identification, following these tips will greatly improve your odds of getting a successful ID. Read more...

What is Fly Fishing for Trout? by Troutnut

All of us have a friend, aquaintance, or spouse who thinks that's all there is to it and doesn't understand the hobby. This article is for you to wave in their face. Read more...

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