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Pretty float down the Yakima Canyon

By Troutnut on October 6th, 2019
A friend who recently moved to Washington joined me October 6th for a fishing float through a lower part of the Yakima River Canyon. The fish were fairly uncooperative. I lost a mid-sized rainbow on a streamer, but they generally weren't interested in those the rest of the time. Small blue-winged olives were hatching at times throughout the afternoon, and they provided the only real action of the day, but the fish rising to them were mostly small. They were a fun challenge, though, because two of the three spots we found pods of fish rising required very difficult casts. They were rising in shaded back eddies, always on the far side of a long stretch of fast, deep water. It was a great opportunity to practice various trick casts that pile up slack at the end, trying to give my flies 2-second drifts instead of 1-second drifts. It's rewarding when that works just right and draws a strike.

This was also the first real test of my new Flycraft Stealth raft, which had only previously been out for a 1-hour evening trip down part of the Snoqualmie. I'm thrilled with it so far. For a craft small enough to easily carry and load on top of my Jeep by myself, it feels exceptionally stable. The build quality and layout are excellent. It rows like a drift boat, but it's more nimble, and it has a similar ability to instantly drop anchor and fish. I've never had that in a boat before and was giddy about it once I figured out I could anchor in moderate current and fish places I couldn't reach otherwise. I also really enjoyed being able to just drop anchor in the shallows and step out of the boat to wade, without having to pull it up on shore or tie it off. That's such a minor nuisance in most other boats, I never would have guessed I'd take so much pleasure in circumventing it.

Photos by Troutnut from the Yakima River in Washington

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Photos by Troutnut from Eighteenmile Creek in Wisconsin

Eighteenmile Creek From Eighteenmile Creek in Wisconsin.
Eighteenmile Creek
Date TakenSep 8, 2019
Date AddedSep 14, 2019
CameraNIKON 1 AW1
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